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**ive got sunshine, on a cloudy day**

im alli! heres my Application.  enjoy


1) Name: Allison Michelle
2) Age: 15
3) Location: new york, but im not cool enough to be from the city..
4) Best Quality:  my sense of humor
5) Worst Quality: my sarcasm gets carried away sometimes..
6) Best Feature: my eyes.  yea they are brown, but they are mad dark.
7) Favorite Movies:   Ferris Buellers day off,
8) Favorite Bands/Singers: Dashboard, Brand New, Green Day, NoFx, ect
9) Biggest fear: needles, i pass out everytime :/
10) Do you consider yourself high-maintenance? Explain why or why not: nah not really, i dont really care about wht people think or if my clothing is "cool" or not, and im my own person, so id say no.
11) What brand of shoes do you wear most? : 
ballerina shoes.  duh. (wow im never saying duh again)
12) What’s your most prized possession? : 
hm def gotta be my '76 camera. its old school adn still takes awesome pictures.
13) How do you feel about pre-marital sex?: i ahve no problem wiht it, i just dont think that people should just fuck around for the hell of it tho.
14) How do you feel about drinking and smoking?:  eh, ive done both, but i dont ne more.  i ahve no problem with people that do, i jst think its a waste of time and money.
15) What do you think you could offer our community?: 
i think that im a lot of fun and u guys all seem like cool people, im also good to tlak to if ne one needs ne thing.
16) Who did you promote to?

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